Dave riganelli rug1

Rug composite from a initial surface scan that was then manipulate to create the final material. See the process on my blog here https://www.artstation.com/daverig/blog/9WKg/building-a-rug

Dave riganelli rug2

A rug perfect for a hotel hallway :)

Dave riganelli rug3

Here's the graph that created this.

Dave riganelli rug6

Final diffuse

Dave riganelli rug7

Final normal

Rug composite

This rug started with a small section of a rug being scanned. Since the pattern in the rug didn't fit into a square evenly I started playing around with different tiling patterns and ended up with what you see. Head on over to my blog to see how it came together. https://www.artstation.com/daverig/blog/9WKg/building-a-rug

More artwork
Dave riganelli screenshot013Dave riganelli screenshot016Dave riganelli screenshot013