10x more absorbent
Dave riganelli papertowel 1

Finally a material perfectly suited for the rounded tube mesh.

Dave riganelli papertowel 2

This paper towel is looking a little too clean...

Dave riganelli papertowel 3

Normal map is pretty amazing.

Dave riganelli papertowel 4

Diffuse is surprisingly non descriptive.

Dave riganelli papertowel 5

AO map looks like a proper paper towel.

10x more absorbent

While I was scanning other materials I though a good test would be to see how will a paper towel would scan.
It's pretty amazing the level of detail this light scanning method can pick up.
Looking at the diffuse map it looks almost like a flat piece of paper, but the Normal map looks like blue paper towel. The AO could pass for a normal paper towel.

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