Someone asked for a carpet.
Dave riganelli screenshot014

Throw rug scan tiled 1x

Dave riganelli screenshot015

same mesh tiled 4x.
The line running though the image is caused from a slight bump in the carpet that showed up in the normal map.

Dave riganelli screenshot013

flat plane tiled 4x.

Dave riganelli screenshot016
Someone asked for a carpet.

In one of my previous posts someone had commented they wondered if this technique would work on a carpet so I gave it a shot.
See more info on my blog here:
Seems to work pretty good. One thing I did notice is because this scanning can pick up very small details you have to be really careful when scanning. It seems there was a small bump in the throw rug when I scanned it even though I couldn't see it. This caused a high spot in the normal map and that's whats causing the line down the middle of the texture that's really noticeable in the tilled images.

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