Gravel scan
Dave riganelli screenshot013

Gravel ball build from a surface scan and substance designers scanning graph. You can see how it was made over on my blog

Dave riganelli screenshot014

Seeing what the gravel looks like laying flat, rendered in Marmo. To be the right size on the plane the gravel is tiled 4 times.

Dave riganelli screenshot015

Adding a water plane in Marmo so see what it looks like

Dave riganelli screenshot016

Same plane, different background and lighting.

Dave riganelli screenshot017

Same forest setup but using a wet version of the material made in substance designer using it water node.

Since the Marmo view doesn't support displacement maps I brought the height map into max and displaces and exported the mesh, when used that in Marmo to generate the viewer.

Gravel scan

Here's a new scan of some gravel.
It started with 9 photos from custom built scanning box.
Post production on the photos were done in Lightroom.
Then the photos were processed in substance designer using a scanning graph and then the textures were rendered in Marmoset.
You can see more on how this was built on my blog.

More artwork
Dave riganelli screenshot016Dave riganelli screenshot013Dave riganelli screenshot013