Asphalt scan
Dave riganelli screenshot016

Asphalt scan of my driveway rendered in Marmo

Dave riganelli asphalt8

Here's what the diffuse source image looks like and what is it cropped to.

Dave riganelli asphalt7

This is graph I'm using. The normal is generated form the 8 source images with different lighting directions and the diffuse is loaded directly.

Dave riganelli asphalt4

Here's what the normal that was generated looks like

Dave riganelli asphalt9

Once done I though it would be interesting to try adding some water to the scan to see what happens

Dave riganelli screenshot017

Here's the result of the water addition

Asphalt scan

Here's some asphalt that was scanned using my custom built scanning box and processed using Substance Designer's Scanning node generate the normal map. From the scan I get the Diffuse and Normal, other maps are created in Substance.
You can see the process I went though building the scanner here in my blog.
Part1 -
Part2 -
Part3 -

More artwork
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