Leafy terrain with some snow
Dave riganelli screenshot007

Leaves tiled about 5 times on the plane. Gnome and rocks just some other scans thrown in for props.

Dave riganelli screenshot008

Colour removed

Dave riganelli screenshot004

Tiled 2x

Dave riganelli screenshot005

Tiled 2x

Dave riganelli screenshot006

Tiled 2x

Dave riganelli capture3

Camera positions for scan.

Dave riganelli capture1

Scan mesh from Photoscan with texture

Dave riganelli capture2

Scan mesh from Photoscan

Leafy terrain with some snow

Terrain scan of a leaf covered forest area processed in PhotoScan and tiled using Substance designer 6 new nodes.
The scan area is around 2 meters wide and about 1.5 meter tall. From this I baked square section about 1.5 meter in size for the starting Base,Normal,Height, and AO maps.
Mesh generation in Photoscan was just under 10m polys and done using "height field" which was much faster than "arbitrary" projection.

More artwork
Dave riganelli screenshot016Dave riganelli screenshot013Dave riganelli screenshot013