Snowy Terrain
Dave riganelli cube1

1x tiling

Dave riganelli cube2

4x tiling

Dave riganelli marmo

1x tiling

Dave riganelli marmo tile

4x tiling

Dave riganelli nodes
Dave riganelli scan1

Raw scan with texture

Dave riganelli scan2

Raw scan mesh

Snowy Terrain

Terrain scan of a snow covered forest area processed in PhotoScan and tiled using Substance designer 6 new nodes.
The scan area is around 2 meters wide and just over 1 meter tall. From this I baked a 1 meter square section for the starting Base,Normal,Height, and AO maps.
Also I figured out some issues from my 1st attempt. Not tiling perfectly but not too bad.

More artwork
Dave riganelli screenshot016Dave riganelli screenshot013Dave riganelli screenshot013