Shoe Prints in the mud
Dave riganelli screenshot001

Shoe print in the mud, scan is almost too crisp but didn't want to blur it too much.

Dave riganelli screenshot003

Talking a walk in the mud

Dave riganelli screenshot006

Render from Substance, reflections in the water look much better here.

Dave riganelli screenshot000

The depth of the foot print is controlled by blending the 2 height maps.

Dave riganelli screenshot005

Grey scale print

Dave riganelli screenshot004

Grey scale print

Dave riganelli img 6411

Scanning bottom of my shoe

Dave riganelli shoeprocess

Process for scan graph was:
1- Shoot 8 photos moving the light
2- Create a mask in PS
3- Apply mask
4- Generate normal map in Substance
5,6- Invert normal and apply mask in Substance

Dave riganelli graph1

What the graph looks like. Output of graph was a normal, height, and mask

Dave riganelli graph2

For the footprints I modified the graph from Athos Kele's tutorial ( to take in the 3 scan inputs and have 3 output.

Dave riganelli graph3

Final graph where the footprints get merged with the MegaScan dirt and Water level node.

Too bad the Heightmap doesn't render here yet. Still looks pretty good.

Shoe Prints in the mud

I wanted to see how the Substance designer scanning nodes would work on something other than fabric and I also happened to see this great tutorial from Athos Kele ( on how to add procedural shoe prints to a surface so I tried scanning the bottom of my shoe, combined it with the procedural shoe print graph, a dirt scan from the Megascan library, and the water level node in substance.

Turned out pretty good, going to try some boots with bigger treads to see how it works out next.

More artwork
Dave riganelli screenshot016Dave riganelli screenshot013Dave riganelli screenshot013