Carpet Collage
Dave riganelli screenshot013

Version 1 of the carpet. Just taking the original scan and using it for the edges and using a section of it to create the center field. Head over to my blog if you want to see how it all came together.

Dave riganelli screenshot014

Version 2 of the carpet using some creative mirroring.

Dave riganelli screenshot015

Version 3 uses parts from version 1 and 2 and adds a strip down the middle.

Dave riganelli screenshot016
Dave riganelli screenshot017
Dave riganelli screenshot018
Dave riganelli screenshot030
Dave riganelli screenshot031
Dave riganelli screenshot032
Carpet Collage

If you want to see how these carpets were created head over to my blog
These carpet began as a surface scan of a carpet tread from a staircase. After the initial material was generated using Substance Designers scanning nodes I manipulated the scan into different combinations to create the 3 different patterns.

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Dave riganelli screenshot016Dave riganelli screenshot013Dave riganelli screenshot013